Willow Sibert – Teacher, Psychic, Hypnotherapist… Internet Marketer?

How does one have so many skills or perhaps we should call them interests? Is there a connection between a psychic and an internet marketer? I’ve done so many things in my life… cut hair (7th grade), taught first grade, raised two step daughters, I was the national training manager at Apple Computer, I’m a third generation psychic, I channel (you’ll have to ask), life coach, past life regression therapist, hypnotist, and my latest is “internet marketer.” Why so many things? I get interested in something, learn it, have some fun, and then move on to the next thing. ┬áBut I never stay long enough to make a real business of it.

Help! I'm trapped doing the same thing every day!

I can’t imagine doing the same thing or having the same job for 30 or more years. It would drive me nuts. And yet, I admire people who have the “stick-to-itiveness” to stay. Maybe it’s like relationships. I’m single – been single for many years. I’d love to be in a deep and serious relationship with someone – I think it’s time. I look at some of the people I know – married for so long. Some of them, I’m not sure if they’re happy – not sure if they’re unhappy. But they stick to it. Do they stick in the relationship because it’s the thing to do? Is it that they’re afraid of the unknown? (sometimes the “known” no matter how bad it is, is better than the unknown.) And… maybe, just maybe, they are happy and love being in their relationships.

And then there are those who start a business and just keep going! The get past the roadblocks, doubt, financial turbulence and they become successful. Sometimes VERY successful. I’ve been know to start multiple businesses, create multiple products and then stop short of getting to the top. Then I’m on to something else.

qsc-logo4About a month ago I ran across a 30 day challenged called, “the Quick Start Challenge.” It sounded interesting, easy and something that might get me started again in internet marketing. So here I am! First assignment, get a blog and write a post. It did take me to withing 6 hours of the deadline to do this, but, hey, I did it! Step One Completed! My intention is to stick with this, play full out, and not play small. I’m not going to stop until I reach the top of the mountain and then sail on down the other side. So if you’d like, follow along. Enjoy. Join the Party. Have some fun… It’s going to be quite a ride!

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  1. mark

    Hi I’m glad I learned about your website here. I really do enjoy reading posts like these that are on self growth and leave you feeling uplifted. I see you have started the Quick Start Challenge. I wanted to also wish you luck with that. Don’t give up! I will be following your progress.

  2. Col Cooper

    Hey Willow, It appears you are quite talented…and you have a similar problem of not sticking to things just like 90% of us internet marketers out there. But now is the best time to make a difference and stick to one thing.
    I can also relate to most of your modalities as my partner has traveled down a similar path of practicing natural therapies.
    Speaking of partners….you will find the right person to be with for long term when you stop looking, it also helps to become good friends with them especially when times get tough. Cheers for the wisdom.

  3. Glen

    Hi Willow,
    That is a great start to this challenge. I think it is all about consistency and keeping it up. I’m sure you are going to do well out of this all.


  4. Simon Narracott

    From the blogroll it looks like there were over 350 of us that actually made it this far. I am looking forward to seeing how we progress over the next 3 weeks, especially the part that wants us to write a good post every day. And as for doing a video? still it looks like you are off to a good start here.

  5. Boris Qs

    Wow, it looks like you are full of potential, but suffering from the shiny object syndrome like col cooper rightly pointed out. Well, now that you have started this why not just do it for the sake of doing and see what the outcome will be maybe it will lead you to even more exiting things. That is what I am hoping for and that is why I have made up my mind to go through with this at least so that at the end I will know I really gave it my all.Good luck with your endeavors

  6. Steven Brough

    Hi,its Steven here from QSC,

    Just keep focus and take action. It’s the challenge in doing our interests that keeps us motivated. Good luck.

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